Bobbi's Boosts for Elements 2!

You spoken out and I've heard you! An all new action set for Elements including several of the actions previously only available in my full version photoshop set! (and four brand new actions - never before seen!)

8 new actions that will turn your photos from good to WOW!~ You'll get:

NEW *Bobbi's Pastel - for a soft, muted look to your photos
NEW *Bobbi's SUPER pop -to add a super dose of POW to your everyday photos.
NEW *Bobbi's Selective Color - this popular technique - now an easy action!! With the click of a button turn your color photos into a black and white with custom selective color!
Bobbi's Rose Blossom - to add a pretty pink hue
Bobbi's Brick - to warm up those cold photos
Bobbi's Blueberry - to add a cool touch to your photos


You'll receive two portrait retouching actions!

Bobbi's Eye Pop - a popular action to really bring out those eyes!
NEW *Bobbi's Teeth Whitening - to whiten and brighten your already dazzling smile!

To install, follow the directions on the PDF included with your actions. And start enjoying your actions today! Only $15! You can send a paypal payment to grunewald@sasktel.net and your actions will be emailed to you with 24 hours.

If you want to know how to load and use actions in Photoshop Elements, check out this link:


I have to tell you - I use the eye pop, teeth whitening, and a combination of all of the rest a LOT. Try running the blueberry action right after you've run the black and white action from my set 1. You'll get such a fun effect! Try running the brick action after running the sepia action for an even warmer finish. Just think of all of the ways you can use the selective color action - in a few short seconds! I created these as a result of your requests, and I hope you enjoy them!


Erin said...


I use full photoshop - do you still sell your actions for full photoshop?

Erin in Cgy


Bobbi-Jo said...

Yes, Erin - I sell actions for full Photoshop and you can check out the details here:


To be honest, the Elements actions will also work the same way in full Photoshop as well.

Heather said...

I have your photoshop actions - is the teeth whitening available for this one?