January Project Life Blog Hop

Welcome to the first of 12 Blog Hops from the 2014 Becky Higgins Project Creative Team! 

We are all passionate about Project Life & memory keeping and we wanted to continue to inspire 

each other and you as we move forward in 2015. 

January of another year - and I'm back to that place where I'm thinking about my approach to Project Life. Can you believe this is my 7th year documenting my life through the photo-a-day approach? When I think about all of those memories, preserved for myself and my children, my heart is filled to over flowing with gratitude for that blessing. I think I've mentioned this before, but my memory isn't the greatest. I'm amazed, as I look back through years of daily photos, by how many moments have already slipped my mind - until I'm reminded through the photos. 
(By the way - who remembers Farm Town?)

Because of that, I have decided to STAY with the photo-a-day approach. THAT I am keeping the same. Why? Well, for the reasons mentioned above, and probably because it is familiar to me. I have never found it difficult to find a photo for each and every day. 

What I'm keeping the same is also using Becky's Project Life system. I've used her products for all of the 7 years and I love them. Last year was the first time I ever used several different kits in one album (prior to that I had stuck with only one kit for an entire year.) I think I'll use the many-kits approach again. It wasn't as simple a system as using one kit, but I liked how the different kits complimented the moods of my photos and the colors. And it's more fun to look through the album that way. I like the freedom to be creative. I foresee me using a lot more of Heidi Swapp's kits, and maybe getting my hands on some of the new kits being released - there are some gorgeous ones! I've got my eye on the Inspire Edition and the Note To Self value kit. DROOL!

What I'm doing differently? I want to take a new approach to the types of photos I'm taking. I've felt like, lately, I've been in a real creative slump with the kinds of photos I'm taking. I want to document our lives, but I feel like I'm taking the same kinds of photos over and over again. I want to think outside the box and be more creative in the aspects of our lives that I document. I want to capture more details, in more creative ways. I am looking at taking on a photography challenge, and if you have any suggestions, I'd LOVE to hear them!

All in all, I am feeling pumped to get going on my 2015 album and am looking forward to another year of Project Life. I have a feeling 2015 will be our year!

Wish I could show you some fun new pages from my 2015 album. The sad truth is - this is the current state of my 2014 album:
Yeah. Sad. I have most of of November left to finish up on, and all of December. Could be worse, I guess. Anyway - I sure hope I'm not alone in being behind. I need to put aside a good day or two to get caught up. When that happens, y'all will be the first to know :)

Now, hop along to check out the rest of the 2014 Project Life Creative Team members and their (most likely) much more inspiring posts :)

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Kris Noorman said...

I feel the same way. Like I'm in a creative slump with my photography. I think it has a lot to do with using my iPhone all the time instead of my DSLR. Not that the iPhone doesn't take good photos, but they just aren't as good as the big camera. That's one of my goals this year, to use the big camera more often! :)

tginguyen said...

Hey Bobbi, I'm behind too! I just went through and inserted photos for the month of December. I'll be filling in those holes soon, I hope!

tginguyen said...

Hey Bobbi! I'm behind too!

I feel like I've been in a creative photography slump too!!! I thought about doing photo-a-day-challenges but I'm not good about keeping up. We should look to each other to motivate and encourage and inspire!

And let's pump each other up to finish up 2014! I'm suck in Nov/Dec too.

Jess said...

Wow Bobbi! I didn't realize you have been doing this for 7 years! That's amazing.

We all through slumps. I can totally relate. Whether you take a break or switch up your photo a day approach, I really appreciate your honesty!