Free Printable Party Tags/Cupcake Toppers

Happy Free Friday, Everyone!

This week I am trying something a little different. I often see such fun printable tags and cards out there, but I haven't really created any myself. Why not start now? I created this set of 12 tags that can be printed out and used as cards, tags, cupcake toppers, whatever! I used four of my favorite patterns in some of my favorite colors! I love quatrefoil, chevron, houndstooth, and polkadots - MY FAVES! I also love damask, but I only had room for four this time Maybe my next creation will have some damask in it. 

I made these a little larger than 2", so if you have a 2 "circle punch you can use it on these, with a bit of room to spare. I'm so excited to print them out and use them! Ooooh, they would look cute in a banner, too!

As always - free to download and use for PERSONAL USE only. All I ask is that, if you like them, just become a follower of "It Works For Bobbi" through GFC, and/or leave a little comment love :) I'd love to see your photos of how you use my printables, too! Link up!



Amy said...

Cute! Love them.

Pink Cake Plate said...

These are adorable I would love a tutorial on how to make these!!! So cute and I love your colors!!

Rocio said...

super cute! keep coming up with great new ideas...thanks for sharing!

Rich, Britt, Nate, and Tate said...

So so cute do u charge anything for making custom tags? hawaiianednolb@yahoo.com

Jen Flint said...

I just found this blog of yours and I've already spent an hour just perusing your creativity! I'm going to feature a few of your printables on my blog this week. I have to share your awesomeness!


Nat said...

The Link to download the file doesn't work anymore :-(