"20 Seconds of Insane Courage" Free Printable

Have you been to see the movie "We Bought A Zoo!", yet? I went over the Christmas break with my sister, and it was one of the best movie experience I have had. Not only because she and I were laughing until our sides hurt (inside story) but because the movie was so touching, funny, moving, and REAL in a strange way. I loved it. I came away with a NEW favorite quote that my sister and I BOTH knew I would be making into a printable to have displayed. So, I went to work.

I wanted this printable to be FUN and EXCITING and MOTIVATING because it is meant to get you up and being bold and daring! You can download your free printable in any (or all) of these colors:

Happy Free Friday! And do something courageous today!



M said...

Oh my goodness I love this quote!!!

BTW I was at someones house this weekend and I saw one of your printables framed on a table. It looked awesome!!

JazzyMama said...

Do you have this in grayscale so that I could print it on colored paper and spare the ink?

Would love it if you could :o)