O, Christmas Tree!

a couple of weeks ago, my husband surprised me with something FANTASTIC! A NEW Christmas tree! 13 years ago, we were given our very first Christmas tree...a throw away that no one wanted. We babied it, decorated it, and loved it for the first 13 years of our lives together. But, it was time to move on and get a "real" fake tree :) So, we went with this gorgeous 7 1/2 ft tree with "frosted" needles and fun LED lights in white, with little red lights in bunches to look like berries. I LOVE it!
This is now our "nice" tree that gets the coordinating red, white, and silver decorations. It resides in our living room and it gets the royal treatment :) BUT, we didn't get rid of "old faithful". She now resides in our TV room where the girls get to decorate to their heart's content. They love having their own tree downstairs to call their own, and I love that we still have a spot for those mismatched-yet-still-so-loveable decorations that are near and dear to our hearts :) 

Do you have a coordinating tree, or is yours more like the eclectic, homemade, mismatched kind?



B @ Sweet Limes said...

Girl, there is nothing but eclectic, mismatched, handmade in this house. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Made by Michelle said...

Mine is mostly coordinated, with the occasional mismatched ornament. Best of both worlds. :)

I love that your kids get their own tree to decorate; I would've loved doing that as a kid.