6 'Reason For The Season' Printables

I LOVE this time of year. I wake up every morning feeling an extra bounce in my step. Could be that it's because my birthday is coming up...but really, it's because of Christmas. I love the lights, I love the music, I love the baking, I love how everyone seems to be just a little more civil to one another. Mostly I love that many more are focused on the Savior..even for a short time. It's the perfect excuse to share my feelings about Jesus Christ to others and not feel weird about it :)

I also love the HUGE amount of free printables that pop up all around us, but I have been even MORE impressed by the number of printables that help us to remember the reason for the season. I'm sharing a few favorite finds from the web here. These are fabulous for helping to shift our focus back to Jesus Chris, and His birth which we are celebrating.

"My Computer Is My Canvas" created these gorgeous bookmarks that tell the legend of the candy cane! And they are the perfect size for attaching to a candy cane for a simple neighbor gift!

Ingles360 designed these fun nativity posters that are perfect for helping the kids learn some vocab, while also reminding them of the reason for the season :)

Keep the kids busy with a craft that is meaningful AND will keep them even busier playing with it afterward! "Like A Pretty Petunia" designed these free Nativity Puppet printables to use with popsicle sticks. Perfect family night activity, or even to make with your Primary class!

Look at this elegant Christmas Art Print from Jones Design Company. SO gorgeous and a great reminder for all of us.

Tip Junkie shares these fun cards that share the meaning behind our favorite Christmas symbols. Perfect for Family Home Evening, right?

I love this idea from "Over The Big Moon". Why not use a printable in a frame as a backdrop for your nativity? WOW!

I know there are a BUNCH more printables and ideas out there to help us remember the REASON why we celebrate Christmas. I'd love to hear yours!



Andrea said...

For some reason only the first link will open for me?
Thanks for sharing. Great ideas.

Bobbi-Jo said...

Sorry, Andrea! I think I've got them working now :)

Julie said...

Thanks for linking to me! Love your blog!

Micaela said...

K, I can't get the candy cane link to work for me? It just takes me to the picture?? Thanks for bringing these printables together :)

Anonymous said...

I cant seem to get it to work either. :-(