Catching Some Zzzs Photoshop Brush

My daughter took this pic of my youngest asleep in the van while running some errands the other day. HOW she can sleep in that position is beyond me. I wanted to add a brush of some "Zzzzs" but couldn't find any online, so I created one! I think it added that little something to the pic :) So, if you want a photoshop brush to add to a pic of your kiddos sleeping, you can download my "ZZzzs" brush below! If you need to learn how to install and use brushes in Photoshop, you can check out my tutorial HERE.

I'd love to see your pics of your kids sleeping, if you used the brush! Have a good one!



Mary said...

Bobbi, I downloaded your Z's. I know how to laod brushes and us them but thank you for the tutorial. The think I do not know how to do is to make my own brushes. I am not a graphics artist but it would be awesome to learn how to make a simple brush using a word.

Thanks so much for sharing all that you do.


nativetexangirl said...

Thank you for sharing your Catching Zs brush. It is adorable and so is the picture of your daughter! Priceless.