Outstanding 'O' Family | Saskatchewan Family Photographer

I keep flip-flopping on the type of photo session I enjoy most. One day it is newborn sessions, then the next it is engagements, then seniors! Today I love large family groups best. Especially when they LOVE each other and LIKE each other as much as this family obviously does. My job couldn't be easier - simply be there to capture the love. 

It can be challenging to photograph in the winter time in Canada - especially when you are experiencing -40 degree weather and record snowfall! Luckily we have a few nice indoor spots where we can go to photograph, and the RCMP Heritage center is one of my favs. This was a great session and I hope they love the pics. Here are only a fraction of the shots we got. Loved it!



Raelene Ottenbreit said...

Bobbi-Jo...Love the pictures!!!
And it was absolutely a moment or 10 captured in time! Thank-You.

Amy said...

I love these! Cute family. I really like the posing.

Mary said...

I love all of the family photos. But my favorites are where you have each family seperated from one another but all together in the same photo. I love the way you have them posing and the way that your photos are composed. I am very certain that this family is very happy with your work. Your photos are alwasy so beautiful.