21 Days Goal!

So, this is it. The beginning....of the end (I HOPE!) 21 days to not only kick a habit, but to replace it with a GOOD one. Oh, where to start? I have so many bad habits that need kicking! But, in the end, here it is:

Habit to kick: SPEND NO MONEY!

Okay, we're not talking bills or groceries, gasoline or emergencies. I'm talking NON-ESSENTIALS! We don't have a lot of extra cash lying around. I'm sure you can relate in these economic times. i can't spend money on big ticket items, so instead, I find myself buying a snack at the store, buying junk food, slurpees, whatever. Ahhh.... you are seeing my GENIUS in setting this goal! Not only will I refrain from spending money, but I'll hopefully kick my junk food habit at the SAME TIME!

Habit to replace it with: WALK

I'm not entirely positive how this is going to work, but my idea is this. When I start feeling antsy, bored, whatever...I'm going to take a 5 minute walk. 5 minutes will be my goal. Now, I know myself....if I start walking, it will most likely go on longer than 5 minutes, but I'm giving myself that as a starting point. I'll let you know how it goes.

So, hopefully, three weeks from now - I'll have more money in the bank and less fat on these  bones! Good? Good!

Oh, please wish me luck. I'll need it. It is SUCH a bad habit of mine and I know it won't be easy to kick. Here's to ONE DAY AT A TIME!



Rachel said...

Wow!! Maybe I should try this!! What a great idea! Keep up posted.

Lynn said...

Great goal! Cheering you on! You can do it. I know you can. ; D

the wrath of khandrea said...

fantastic goals! good luck with it. i restarted my PT, and with your 21 days in mind, have started actually DOING the exercises at home. here's to hoping for a habit!

Steph said...

great idea!!
i don't have anything i really want to "kick" but i would really like to start going on my stepper daily... ask me in 21 days how i did!!! (feel free to bug me on facebook too lol, i need encouragement)

fdgtgrl said...

WoW !!! Cool goal ...
You go girl ... I'll be right behind you trying to do the same on my side ...

Each time I feel like buying a snack, junk food ... I'll put the equivalent money amount in a piggy-bank ... ;-)
For the walking part, i alreadt do that during my jobs ... so I'll need to think of something else :-/

Thank you for that !!!

Keep us posted ;-)