Tutorial Tuesday - Oldie But A Goodie!

I've decided to bring back an old tutorial after having a few readers asking about this. Do you use digital brushes? How do you use them? What do you use them on? Photos? Cards? Scrapbooking? A combination of everything?

Here is a tutorial I gave about how to LOAD and then USE digital brushes. I love them. I use them on photos to add a bit of pizaz. I use them on cards and invites to make them unique and fun, and I use them on hybrid projects to give them that "wow" factor!

Tutorial - Using Digital Brushes!

Now, where do I find my FAVORITE digital brushes? Hands down, it's at Houseof3. A little someone called RHONNA FARRER designs and create the most GORGEOUS digital brushes around. My personal favorites? These:

Magical Brush Kit

Summer Swirls Brush Kit


Damask Kit

Digital brushes are so easy to use, and can really transform a so-so project into a head turning one. And don't worry if you are low on dough. There are SO MANY free digital brushes to be found out there in webland. Just google "digital brushes" and you'll be amazed at how many resources pop up.

I want to see how YOU use digital brushes. Email me a photo of your digital brush project, with the name of the brush/brush set you used and I'll post it here on my blog! I'm so excited to be inspired by YOU!



Nancy W said...

Love it! I will have to pull out one that I have done or do a new one up ;) *hugs from Texas!

Tiffany said...

This post has nothing to do with "A Date with Edward"...