A Couple Of Sneak Peeks!

Just a couple of sneak peaks from two sessions I had this past week. Both so fun, despite the incredibly gloomy, wet (and even snowy) weather we've been 'enjoying' lately. I think Mother Nature has confused May with March. I think our tulips are also very confused.....and shivery. But on to better things :

What has the weather been doing where YOU are???



Andrea said...

great photos.
Snow here too. blah.

Judy Cozza Photography said...

Bobbi - you are amazing. I look at your blog every day. It makes me so happy. I want to be like YOU! Thanks for all your help. You have an amazing family too. Thank you.

the wrath of khandrea said...

beautiful pictures, as always. we are having the same crazy, mixed-up, tulip-tormenting weather as you. waaaah.