Tutorial - Polaroid Fun!

While searching for fun tutorial ideas, I came across something COMPLETELY silly and totally fun. It's a fun trick that would be adorable on a scrapbook page, or as a blog header, or just about anything! We are going to make ONE photo into a collage of polaroid pictures! FUN!!!

The link where I found this tutorial is HERE at Photoshop Essentials. They take you through the tutorial step by step with pictures, so it was easy to follow. By following their steps I created this fun collage in just minutes:

You can also completely fill it in with polaroids so there is no black showing, like in this one I did:

The key to this is, after you have created your first polaroid and have created the group, you duplicate the group, open up the new group folder, highlight both the black square layer and the white layer before moving it somewhere else on your photo. You just keep repeating the steps until you've got as many polaroids as you like! I loved this! FUN!



Kathy T. said...

Can't wait to try out some of your tutorials. Thanks for all the info.

I love Spring!!!!

Cute pics!

Laura said...

ok super cute! awesome as always, you inspire me!

Rebecca said...

this looks super duper fun! Can't wait to try it out - thanks! love your enthusiasm.

Kim said...

I like that...so fun! I think I need to try it.