Mrs. Mystic Grey!

I have welcomed a new addition to my backdrop family. Blackie was very lonely and over-worked, so we introduced Mrs. Mystic Grey and did they EVER hit it off! We had a housewarming party and my good friends helped me welcome her to the family ;)

And who could ask for a more adorable little model? This is the daughter of my good friend, Sara, who graciously let me photograph her 4 month old beauty. And I can see where she gets her gorgeousness from - I mean, just LOOK at Sara! Completely beautiful.

They are such a great family - I wish her older 2 boys were here to share, but today was all about baby Abigail. Next time I'll introduce you to their adorable boys!

But please don't fret over Blackie - he still gets his days in the hot sun. I used him to photograph this adorable family of 5 as they celebrate their daughter's first birthday!
These kids are SO freaking cute. I mean - the eyes, the freckles, the smiles.. love them!

You can see, again, where they get their cuteness from.....
So, here's to a bright new future with Mystic Grey being added to my backdrop family. I hope that she stays around for a while and helps me capture some memories!


Stephanie said...

mystic looks like he fits purrrfectly into the fam.
ca-ute pictures!

Clair said...

The new Mrs very pretty! And I love these frames you've been using for display! Awesome pics and my what gorgeous friends you have. :)