32 years young!

"Happy Birthday" means much more

Than have a happy day.

Within these words lie lots of things

I never get to say.

It means I love you first of all,

Then thanks for all you do.

It means you mean a lot to me,

And that I'm proud of you.

But most of all, I guess it means

That I am thinking of

Your happiness on this, your day,

With pleasure and with love.

I love you, Lyndon! Happy 32 years!


Robin said...

great poem!! Happy Birthday Lyndon :)

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday! And I loved the poem. And the picture. How old was he in that? It looks like a church dance.

Joanne said...

what a sexy man you married! To think you saw "potential" even way back in his curly haired stage! happy birthday lyndon!

Lynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDON! What happened to two years already??? I remember your 30th birthday party at the church. That was fun!!

Debbie Jo said...

Happy Birthday Lyndon!

Ailyn said...

awwww. You're sweet Bobbi. He's lucky to have you.

Ifat Art said...

Happy birthday Lyndon!

Norine said...

Happy Birthday what a great pic