And apparently the streak is broken!

Are you sure you want this, Joanne? I mean, you could always let someone ELSE win! ;)


Joanne said...

my first comment when I saw this was YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! that is awesome! yay for you ( for picking me) and yay for me ( for apparently not being cursed anymore!) Now, what can I complain about????? just keep it until I pick it up IN person;)

Bobbi-Jo said...

LOL! I was shocked, too. I thought - there is NO WAY she'll believe this. Hence the screen capture :) Don't worry - I was prepared to make you one anyway, in case you didn't win. I didn't want you feeling all depressed and what not for our visit!

Lynn said...

LOL! That is hilarious! YAY! for Joanne! I was SO excited to see that her curse has been lifted! : D

Party of 6 said...

OUR Joanne...like the cute girl we know, must be another Joanne....from Russia or something....cause OUR Joanne....she doesn't win. = )

Joanne said...

I won! I won! I won I won I won.

It still makes me giddy

thanks for letting me play and yup Tiff- it's fabulous me that won.
imagine that. dreams DO come true :)