My Family 2013

After days of trying to throw together outfits for four little ladies (and moi) that express their personal styles, but also coordinate with each other (and their dad - who most definitely doesn't wear pink), and praying for nice weather, we ventured out for our yearly family photos. I have been asked often: "Who takes photos of the photographer?" In our case? Our friend - the tripod!
What this photo doesn't show is - the tripod was up on a fairly steep incline facing the grouping where I meticulously posed my very cooperative girls and hubby. It doesn't show me pushing the shutter button and racing down said incline, with my NEW high heeled wedges, twisting my ankle, and making it into the shot right before the shutter released. Yeah, I'm that good ;) While I am happy with how the family photo turned out, deep inside I'm longing for those candid, unposed family shots that can only come from a talented photographer on the other end. Sorry, Mr. Tripod. You did the trick, but you just don't....MOVE me ;) 

Thankfully, my girls continued to cooperate long enough to get some individual shots of each of them at this time in their lives. It scares me how fast time is flying by and how quickly these lovelies are growing up!

I can't wait to share a little more about what has been happening in our lives - but this gal needs to ice a swollen ankle ;) Oh, and did I mention my handsome hubby is not bad with a camera? He even captured a photo of yours truly that I don't *completely* hate! ;)

How do you manage your family photos, each year? I'd love to hear your stories!


Lynn said...

Happy Fall Bobbi! {Oops. Just notice the pun. lol. Sorry! No pun intended.} You guys look great. Hope your ankle heals soon. ; )

Karrine Beasley said...

You look amazing! And those photos of the girls - wow! Talented much?? :)

Mary said...

You do look amazing! You have a beautiful family. It has been lots of fun watching your girls growing up. Love your family photo Bobbi. I also use my tripod for family photos that I am in. A wonderful tool


Michelle said...

I just love these pictures so much! You have raised such an amazing family.

Excited to have you back in Alberta soon!