Free Friday - "A Child's Life Is Like...."

Happy Free Friday, my friends! Sorry I'm running a bit late today. It seems like that was the theme today...running, and running late. We all have those, don't we? 

I created this fun printable for our school's preschool teacher. She wanted to display a fun and inspiring printable every month. I found this quote after some digging and was struck by the truth of it. We have a such a responsibility to leave positive and beautiful "marks" on our children. And negative "marks" can be erased, but it's very difficult. So, let's remember to strive to be more aware of the marks we are leaving on their clean white piece of paper that is their life. We can help them to become beautiful works of art, and we can teach them to surround themselves with people who also leave "positive" and "beautiful" marks on their lives.


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Mary said...

An awesome printable.