A Bit of Bag Love

Oh my stinkin' word. 

I am so in love. 

Yes, with my husband. 

Yes, with my children. 

But also with this bit of gorgeousness:
Yeah. It's a bag. But it's so much more... 

I am planning a little trip in April and this baby will be my constant companion. It will snuggle with my Canon 5D and my lenses..as well as my wallet, chapstick, and whatever else I decide to throw in there. LOVE IT! Thanks to HowDoesShe for a fabulous Christmas gift. If you want one of your own, to to look at even more fun and fabulous camera bag designs, you must check out Jo Totes. I found that they were the BEST price and I love their chic bag designs. You won't be disappointed!



B @ Sweet Limes said...

What a slick bag Bobbi! You're going to look hot toting that around with you. :) You deserve it!

Lisa said...

Sweet bag. I'll have to check it out. I recently got a Canon 5D and am LOVING it. A big upgrade from my Rebel. Do you use yours for video? I was wondering if you've ever done a tutorial on how to use the video capabilities of that camera, or if you know an easy place to start? I have the manual, but I best learn from someONE. :)

Mary said...

That is one gorgeous bag. Thanks for sharing the link. I will be going to check it out.


hizles said...

I am so bummed. I was so excited to finally be purchasing the bag today and of course they are out of this exact one. :-(