Safety Patrol!

Following in her father's footsteps, my eldest has officially joined the school "safety patrol" as a captain! Of course, I had to pop by the school on her first day to capture some shots :)
TJ didn't have any time to stop and pose for pics...work to do!!

There was a small "lull" where she endured a posed photo ;)

But, right back to work making sure the kids at school are crossing safely!

I was so proud watching her be so confident and take charge!

She amazes me with her self-confidence. I wish I had as much when I was her age!

Keep serving and protecting, TJ! You've got one proud momma!!



Lynn said...

Awww......love this. My kids all thought they had made it big time by the time they were old enough to be patrollers. ; D

Way to go TJ!! Looking good. Cassie will have to share with you her famous "LAAASSSSST CROSSSSSS-INNNG!!!!" Her set of lungs is still mentioned to this day at that school. lol

Dina said...

Stumbled here through pinterest :)
It amazes me how the photos capture her confidence!
i can imagine how proud you are.
Well done! :)

B @ Sweet Limes said...

You realize she has that sort of self confidence because her parents gave it to her right?

Brenda Faylee Turner said...

I Love your printable about children but I love, even more, YOUR words about children -"(Children) are like blank canvases with the potential to blossom into great works of art!" You're such a fabulous parent! Thanks so much for sharing:)