Resizing Printables For Projects

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start :) 
I have had some friends ask me HOW to resize my printables for other uses - such as fridge magnets (smart!) or cards. I love hearing of fun ways that people are using my printables, so I am more than happy to share a short video tutorial on ONE way to do this. So, open Photoshop, open one image (a printable if you'd like) and play along!
Disclaimer - my computer is SO sluggish these days, so at one point the ctl+T command doesn't work right away, but it DOES work :)It brings up the "Transform" tool so I could rotate one of the layers. Hope that part makes sense :)
Disclaimer 2: the audio gets a little ahead of the video, so I hope you can follow it. If not, just ask. Or you can follow similar steps as this tutorial I did a while back:
Fitting 4 smaller images on one 4X6 print

So, once you have resized your printable and dragged and dropped it onto an 8.5X11 canvas, simply print and start creating! Here are my printable fridge magnets, ready to give away and (hopefully) inspire :)



Mary said...

Thank you very much Bobbi-Jo. I can hardly wait to try this tutorial. :)


Amy said...

You totally read my mind.