Lace Or Textiles? What is 13 years worth?

I'm not sure where "they" come up with the traditional anniversary gifts for each year of marriage. Today it has been 13 years since I married my (cliche but true) very best friend and heartthrob. So, traditionally, we would gift each other lace. Or, if we wanted to feel modern...we would go with textiles. So, lacey, patterned curtains? Is that what 13 years of marriage comes down to? What does lace represent, really? I guess, like marriage, it's beautiful, intricate, and very delicate. 

Marriage is a lot of work.

It's every day. 

It's sometimes boring, sometimes wonderful. 

It's tears of frustration, then tears of joy. 

It's learning to communicate, and relearning how to communicate. 

It's forgiveness. 

It's humility.

It's laughter and goodtimes. Being giddy in love.

It's children, bills, laundry, dishes, and the mundane.

It's sacrifice.

It's knowing that no matter how hard life gets, you have each other's arms to fall back into.
It's wonderful and can be forever. 

I'm grateful to have married the man I did 13 years ago. I'm grateful to have him as my companion, my friend, my example, the father to my children, and the provider for our family.  I'm grateful he's still a hottie, and that SOMEHOW..he loves me. 

13 years is a wonderful start to our eternity together. I can't wait for the rest! LOVE YOU!



Clair said...

absolutely ADORABLE photo! congrats!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary Bobbi & Lyndon - have a glorious day!

Andi said...

I can't get over what a precious picture that is of you two. Ohmygoodness, so sweet...Happy Anniversary!

Lynn said...

HAppy Happy Anniversary!!!