Free Friday! Babysitting List

My eldest daughter has entered the exciting world of babysitting, and boy is she ever excited! Not as excited as *I* am to have a child old enough to DO that! I remember being so organized with my babysitting kit and having all kinds of ideas for how to keep the little ones healthy and happy. 

What I WISH I had, though, was a simple paper where I could keep track of phone numbers, special instructions, messages...whatever. So, as a benefit to my daughter and (hopefully) to a sitter in YOUR life, I have created a simple 8.5X11printable that holds 2 little forms that will make keeping track of those uber-important babysitting details SO much easier :) 

Happy downloading!



B @ Sweet Limes said...

Those are stinking cute!

Mary said...

What an adorable baby sitting list. I'm sure lots of baby sitters would love to have a copy of this.


lilpunkinsmimi said...

These are so helpful & adorable, too! Thanks for sharing! You have the most adorable family, and I LOVE how you journaled that your children are so sweet & how much you appreciate how they love one another:) So refreshing to see such a sweet & blessed family. Keep up the great job of parenting! Families ARE Forever & There IS Beauty All Around - When There's Love At Home...{hearts}