Free Friday! "Wonderful" Printable

Happy Friday! I'm back with a new printable to share! This is a quote I saw on Pinterest - and I thought it was completely TRUE! Don't you just love those? So, I recreated the quote on this fun photograph of a door. I love the funky colors and the "wonderful" look of it all. This is a 4X6, but could be printed even larger. Enjoy!



Tanis said...

Thank you for doing this printable (and pretty much all of them!) I'm printing it right now!
This is my newest favorite quote! I found it a while back when my life was chaotic (daughter being diagnosed with special needs, new baby and husband leaving me) and I would repeat it over and over in my head daily... and now its true. My life isn't perfect, or even close, but it is definitely getting more and more wonderful in its own way every day!

Amy said...

Love it! So true.

Mary said...

The photo of the door is awesome. I *love* this printable. It will be one of my favorites as so many of your printables are. Thank you for sharing this wihus.


Sarah said...

Great printable- I love the door!!

I included this in my "things I like thursday post today- check it out: