Felt Owl Ipod Cozy

I have been going OWL CRAZY lately...love, love, love what I'm seeing on Etsy and Pinterest. I am NOT a sewer by any means, and I love how easy felt is to work with...it is VERY forgiving :)

I saw an adorable owl iPod case that looked easy enough for even me to try, so I eye balled it, cut out the pieces, stitched them on, and this is what I ended up with:
I wish I had done some top-stitching around the edges (I still might) but I think it's pretty darn cute! I can't for the life of me find where I saw the case like that, but I'll keep looking and share their version as soon as I find it. In the meantime...check out a few other cute felt OWL creations I found!
Owl Ipod Cases (Etsy)

What do you like to make with felt? I'm into flowers right now, too. I'll share some of my makes soon! Happy crafting!


Em @ Inspired Coincidences said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS! And I just happen to have some spare felt around, thanks for the idea! (if you find the original link, I'd l.o.v.e. to see it!)

Mary said...

Wow! Your owl case came out awesome. I would give it a try but about the only thing I can sew is a button onto a shirt. :)