I just noticed the numbers of people downloading my free printables! We're talking THOUSANDS!! Heck, if I even charged $1 for every printable, I'd be tens of thousands of dollars richer. Hmmmm...


Still doing it for free.

I can't bring myself to charge. Even when we just had to rebuild our transmission - yech!

BUT, if you REALLLLLLY love them, I wouldn't hate a small donation...over there...on the right (I'm shameless, I know). Money is tight. I'm not above begging. But I AM above charging. I love what I'm doing and I love sharing! 

Oh, and that reminds me.. GIVEAWAY happening on MONDAY! - okay, there is a small caveat - IF I can reach 300 followers on my blog by Monday. That's only 2 more people. I know you know 2 people, right? So, tell those 2 people to hop on over here and click "follow", okay? I know they will want in on this! It's a giveaway sponsored by a company I love - Makia Creations!! 

So, come back TOMORROW for another free printable, then come back on MONDAY for a chance to win something fabulous for YOU and your kiddo! I'll see you then? It's a date!


Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Looks like I'm 301!!! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I love your printables and your blog!! =) I'm an RSS subscriber...does that count?

Mary said...

It looks as though you have over 300 followers now. :) I did not realize that I was not a follower. But I am now. Thanks so much for all that you do Bobbi-Jo.


kathee said...

Thank you for the printables, they are lovely. I appreciate the feeling they bring to my home. It is very generous of you to offer them for free.