Sick Little Girl

I've got some sick little girls -especially this one:

Strep throat has officially hit. I am so grateful for free health care and antibiotics. She should be back on her feet soon. How long does strep throat usually last? No family is immune to the winter sicknesses. Only..it's SUPPOSED to be Spring now, right? *sigh*
Speaking of stupid Canadian weather...we are expecting a big snow storm tomorrow.. a possible 30 cm (or 12 inches) of snow. You know, 'cause we didn't get NEARLY enough snow this year. I need some serious sunshine to chase these winter blahs away. What are your tips for getting over the "blahs"? I need some inspiration!


Lynn said...

Creating Spring Indoors is my tip!!

I buy some inexpensive flowers at the grocery store and display them wherever I am working in the house. I light scented candles.......and listen to some awesome soothing or spiritual music while I work.

It creates a kind of "Spring bubble" indoors for me. ; D

Mandy said...

I make virgin margaritas. Or a flower wreath for my front door has helped too!