Ruffled Camera Strap Cover

I was really feeling the winter "blahs" yesterday, and needed a little sunshine, so I decided to go into my fabric stash and see what I could create with it. Keep in mind, my sewing abilities are pretty much limited to straight lines :) It's not one of my strong suits, that's for certain. Anyway, I found some bright yellow fabric (happy, happy, happy!) and some black and white floral and I knew what I wanted to make! A new camera strap cover. I have been seeing such adorable ruffled covers out there and really wanted to learn how to make my own. Thankfully I came across the most amazing and easy-to-follow tutorial on IShare Crafts (which is one of my fun projects that I love). Hers is so gorgeous, and this was only my first attempt, but I know I'll be making more!
What I REALLY love about this particular pattern is, it has an adorable little pocket for my lens cap or my memory cards...or whatever! This is perfect because I have a little problem with losing my lens caps :) I'm so darn professional. Hee hee.

I'm so happy when I look at my new strap cover. I can't wait to make another one! What colors would you use?


Ry and Ally said...

Bobbi this looks awesome!! Do NOT begin to tell me you are not a sewer! It looks fantastic!

Nancy W said...

I love it!! Funny thing is, I made one on Tuesday night!! How cool is that, we were so on the same page!! I used some nicey Jane by heather Bailey in pink with white flowers :) I must post the photo I took so you can see! Gonna try to do it now :) hugs from Conroe, Texas!

Mary said...

You ae so talented! I love the new camera strap that you made. It is beautiful. Love the yellow and black togeher.