"One in a Million" Printable!

Happy Friday, my friends! Something about just SAYING "Friday" puts an extra spring in my step :)  What I love even more about Friday's is... I'm going to be offering a FREE printable or a link to someone ELSE's free printable/craft each and every Friday! I'm going to try to create my own each week, but if I can't find the time, I'll pass you along to another designer that week. Sound good? I work better with a deadline, anyway.

This week, I created a printable at the request of one of my wonderful readers. She asked for a printable that she could use to hand out to her Primary kids when it's their birthday or a spotlight, with the topic of "You are one in a million!" I wanted to create something gender neutral, which not only has the words, but a visual which kids will 'get'. I'm not sure if I actually succeeded, but I gave it a shot :) 

 I decided to create a background with many, many identical dots, with ONE dot standing out in it's own color. Not sure the idea works, though, but the WORDS say it if nothing else:) This would work as a card, in a frame, or in any number of ways!
I also created the printable in these sizes:

Thanks for popping by and I hope to see you again! You might notice on the sidebar, I added a "Donate" button. This does NOT mean I expect any payment for my printables, actions, or tutorials. I do this because I truly want to share with everyone and perhaps make someone's life just a little brighter and a little easier :) I have had several people suggest to me that I should charge a little something for what I do, but it isn't why I do it. I love to share! 

IF you like my printables, IF you enjoy visiting, and only IF you want to..feel free to donate whatever you'd like. While I love sharing, it does take time and effort, and even money :) Every little bit helps. But whether you can or not...I hope to see you here again soon!!


Sarah said...

You are so FABULOUS for sharing your printables. And that one is such a great idea!

Thanks Bobbi for all you do. Enjoy your weekend! :D

Mary said...

What a wonderful printable to give to a child. I'm thinking it would also be great to give it to that special man in your life in a great looking frame. :) Awesome work as always Bobbi.


danielle said...

I love your blog..You are so talented! Thank you for sharing. I featured your blog.

Amy said...

Your generous attitude is one of the reasons your blog is in my top three. You're wonderful!

mommy of 3 said...
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mommy of 3 said...

Just incase you'd like to see how I used your printable! Thanks again!!!! So cute.