The Card That Won!

I am still dancing, people. Dancing around this house. And, no, it's not to keep myself warm during this FREAKING COLD Saskatchewan winter, though it helps. It's because I was one of many lucky prize winners during House of 3's amazing birthday giveaway! And this is the card that won..
I made it using some of their amazing and beautiful printables for my DDs 10th birthday last year. She loved it, and I did, too. It always feels great to give something that comes handmade from the heart. 

And what did I win? $100 to spend at Houseof3.com! WAHOO!! Now you know why I'm dancing. I think I may just own the entire store by the time I'm done my shopping spree. Talk about inspiration overload! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if you want to win a contest, you need to enter! You never know what surprises may wait just around the corner! 

And just so you know, Houseof3 is having a Valentine's sale! EVERYTHING at hof3 is 30% off!! Just visit the site and use the code love30 at checkout. Happy crafting!



Are You Serious! said...

I love it! Way go winning!!! :)

Ferrill said...

Congratulations! I can see why your card won - it is absolutely amazing!