The Perfect Prescription!

What do you do when your nose is stuffed up, your throat aches, your ear is hurting, and your stomach is queasy? You call on your faithful friend and ward compassionate service leader to come to the rescue. Ours is SO amazing, in fact, that we didn't even HAVE to call...she came to our rescue when she first caught wind that the Grunewald's were feeling under the weather! She came right over with dinner, but also some fun surprises for the girls.

She started with some valentine's treats to put together for their church friends!
She also brought some fun crafts, stickers, and toys. This did more for their spirits than any medicine could have!
And for me? The perfect prescription! This adorable little paper box cut out on the Cricut machine, with a sweet little doctor's bag! This, alone, made me smile - but what was inside was the icing on the proverbial cake!
This little "doctor's" bag was filled with all of the little things to help chase those cold bugs away. Some delicious herbal tea, cough drops, kleenex, and some adorable magnets just to make me smile.

I thought this was an amazing idea for any of us to have on hand for when our friends or loved ones need a little "boost" when feeling ill. I don't have the cricut machine, but I DO have the Silhouette and you could copy this idea using any of these shapes:

I'm off to make my own "feel better" kit to pay forward. I'll be sure to share the finished product! Here's hoping for a happy and HEALTHY day!



Michelle said...

Awesome Bobbi! How thoughtful...really there still are some amazing people left in the world!!!

Get better...

Karla said...

Just recently found your blog & fell in love! Thank you so much for your ideas & sharing!

Tiffany said...

Oh herbal tea....phew. I was just scanning the pic's not reading the text and saw the tea and thought....why did she give her wax strips, that's not gonna feel better.

Mary said...

What a wonderful friend and what a great idea about having kits made up for those who are ill. I hope all of you feel lots beter fast.