Cute Kiddos! | Saskatchewan Family Photographer

Things are starting to slow down in the photography department, with only one scheduled shoot from now until the end of the month (though 2 babies waiting to be born and photographed, as well!). I am working hard to get through the many, many files of pics that I have waiting to be edited so that I can really and truly enjoy the season! Can I ask a question? How are you making time to enjoy the holidays this year?



Andrea said...

Those kids are adorable!
I'm trying to get all the gifts bought and wrapped and Christmas cards done by Dec 1st. Um... not there yet, but I do have some things wrapped, which is an improvement over wrapping Christmas eve.
Do you know when your temple is open on the 30th?

Judy Cozza Photography said...

Bobbi - those children are the cutest ever. You have such a great way of capturing children! (although your adults are amazing also)