Winter is in the Air!

We finally had a real dump of snow that is most likely going to stick around until Spring! Bring on the Christmas Carols, the hot chocolate, and the scarves. I can't wait until Christmas!

I had my first WINTER family photo session and I loved it. The morning air was cool and there was a dense fog all around. Very eerie and beautiful. Right now I'm not minding the cold air and the snow...ask me again in March, though :)



Sarah said...

Stunning photos!

M said...

LOVE them!!

Joanne said...

those are beautiful winter pictures. figure that you would find the "silver lining" in the cold and snow. love them!!!

Amy said...

I love 'em!

I think people look the best when they're freezing...rosey red cheeks and perfectly pink lips :)

Mary said...

Your portraits in the snow are gorgeous!