Last Minute Orange!

What to do when it's 8pm the night before "Orange and Black Day" at school, and you realize that you are seriously lacking in the orange department? You run into your craft room, dig through your fabric stash, come out with a sorry looking piece of orange felt and a small piece of orange broadcloth, and you start getting creative!

First, I used the idea from the pillow I made a couple of weeks ago, and used the piece of felt to make this little orange flower that I pinned onto my daughter's black dress. I simply cut 5 large petal shapes, four smaller petals shapes and a one-piece petal thingy for the center, hot-glued the bases together, then hot glued them into a flower shape on a small circle of felt. Not sure that made ANY sense, but it didn't to me at the time, either! I like how it turned out, though...
The next thing I did was take that piece of cloth, tear it into long strips, and twist and glue them into these little pretty rag flowers for their hair:

The nice thing about orange is, you only need a little to make a real POP! After making four of those (one for each girly!) I used the remainder of the fabric to make a wrap for TJ's waist. I then searched through my jewelry and stickers to dress up the girls further. A little face paint, and voila! You can't get much "orange and black" -er!
 Even daddy wanted in on the action - minus the orange and black, though. I don't think showing up to help move a single mom dress all in orange and black flowers would go over well :) Happy Orange and Black Day!



Ailyn said...

You are so creative! Your girls are totally rockin the orange and black.
My kids had a choice of wearing their halloween costumes or wearing orange and black. They of course chose halloween costumes. They were so excited the couldn't fall alseep the night before.

Lynn said...

HA ha.. What a great dad And.........MOM!!!! You rock girl. Way to go with keeping the stress down and going with the flow, even if it all was last minute. I need to be more like that. : D Seriously.

Mandy said...

I love the painted faces. What a good, easy way to do orange and black. Looks like everything turned out great!

Crystal said...

I'm thinking this could be a great costume-replacement idea for 2011 for my non-costume-lovin' husband :) He won't wear flowers though, so I'll make those for me!
Thanks for sharing this!

Mary said...

Wow! You are very crafty!Your girls look great and I bet they had lots of fun on Orange and Black day. :)