Tutorial Tuesday - Softlight Boost (A download!)

Have you ever looked at your photos and, while being pretty good, just seem to lack that.... pop? Maybe they are just a little dark? Maybe there isn't enough contrast? Maybe the color just isn't popping like it could? Is there a simple solution for something like that? Yes. It's called "Soft Light".

I use this blending mode to add a bit of extra pop to photos that are otherwise not bad! It's an all-over boost that really takes your photos from so-so to FABULOUS!! I did a tutorial HERE that explains how to use a soft-light layer to give your photo that pop!

Since I am all about efficiency, I am offering a free photoshop action which will perform the steps FOR you in one quick click. It's a simple and subtle action, perfect for those every day photos.

Bobbi's Softlight Boost.atn

You are very welcome - hope you use it often. I sure do! Sweet, simple, basic, done!



Michelle said...


Thanks Bobbi!

Janferay said...

Helpful, thanks!

Jacinda said...


Amy said...

Love the action! Thanks.

Rebecca said...

thanks for the action. is it similar to the snow white boost?

Mary said...

I use PSE so I don't think that I can use it. But thanks for offering it. :) I love the look of the after photo of your little girl. It is much softer looking. :)