12 Years!

As a little girl I would it and imagine who I would marry. I'd give him some wild and crazy attributes like "nice" and "smart". I thought it would be impertinent to ask for things like "good-looks" and "sense of humor". But something that I would never compromise on, was that he would love the Lord. Some things are non-negotiable.

Now, I'm 31 (yes I just admitted that...I'm totally well-adjusted and utterly secure) and 12 years ago today, I married a man who not only met my previous desires, but far exceeded them. He has been such an amazing friend, confidante, love, protector, provider, and partner. I couldn't ask for a better husband. I have said this before, but he makes being married easy. Why? His selfless nature. He always thinks of others before himself. Every time. I strive every day to be a worthy companion for him, and hope that the last 12 years have been as much of a blessing in his life as it has been in mine.

I love you, Lyndon!



Erica said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lynn said...

WHat an awesome tribute! Reminds me of Sister Prime's comment today during testimony meeting. She referred to her husband as a "true class act". My head was a bobbin' with agreement. Now it's bobbin' again. ; D You truly do have a selfless man there. A class act all the way.

HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary you two!

Debbi said...

aww. happy anniversary!!!

Mary said...

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary to you and your very handsome husband. May you have many,many more years of wedded bliss.


Mary said...

PS. Your still very young. Wish I were 31 again. :) Enjoy every moment of your life.