Scrap Happy!

I thought summer was supposed to be time for relaxing, taking it easy, slowing down.



Is it just me, or has summertime become crazier than when I was a kid? Or maybe it's always been crazy for parents, but for kids it is play time? Either way, I've been crazy busy these past few weeks. I figured it was time to dust off my blog, clean up the cobwebs, and put a post up there to brighten everything up :) I haven't just been busy working - I've been creating, too! Here are a few pages I completed while staying at my sister's house. I have only just gotten around the posted them. Sad.

I don't have much to say about them besides I love them! I love sitting down and spending some serious time creating. I love placing the photos and elements just so and watching pages coming together. It's sad that several of these pics are from this time LAST year. I'm still waiting for life to slow down. All you moms with teenagers are just shaking your heads, laughing, and saying "Just you wait!". I know. My kids are still young. Life will get busier yet. So, I'll keep plodding along and try to enjoy every minute! Hope you are enjoying summer out there in blog land! I'd love to have your input for what you'd like to see happening on my blog. I need some direction :)


Nora said...

I'm selfish... I love hearing about your life in general... its lovely to see how your doing

Michelle said...

Love all these layouts Bobbi...so carefree & sweet. Just love your style...wonderful!

Direction for your blog...ha, I can't even direct my own blog...sorry!!! but, I think your blog is directing just fine!!!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an older post, but I just found your blog through I Share Printables. I love your style, these pages are gorgeous! I'm having a scrapbooking challenge/link up over at my blog right now. If you're interested, I'd love for you to stop by.