Meet Baby Evan! {Saskatchewan Baby Photographer}

I have wanted to introduce you to this sweetheart for a few days. He was SUCH a sweet little model :) You may remember his parents from a Maternity photo shoot I did a while back.

He even cooperated when he was awake, and who can look away from those BIG EYES?!

Congrats, you two, for making such a sweet little baby. And thanks for letting me be a part of capturing those memories!


Lynn said...


Debbie Jo said...

I really wish I had half your talent at photos! Oh, knowing how to use a camera would be a start for me! Argh, I feel so many memories are passing me by, and you have the talent to capture ALL your moments.

Gotta get on it!


Erin Ashley Photography said...

What an adorable little one! Gotta tell you too - I love your black and white conversion. Beautiful tones and contrast!