Cheesy Carrots

I saw this idea on Sister's Stuff (one of my fav. blogs) and I just KNEW I had to make them for my Primary kids. I don't want to give them more SUGAR since I'm sure the Easter Bunny will have that covered. Instead, I've opted for the 'turn-their-fingers-bright-orange-so-they-can-mark-everything-in-your-house' choice.

I bought the plastic, disposable icing bags from Bulk Barn (love that place), then bought some cheesies to fill them with. I cut the leaves with my silhouette machine, wrote a note on the back, then tied them on with some green ribbon from my stash. I made 12 in about 15 minutes. Can't beat that! No, I don't have 12 Primary kids in my class, but I do have 8 - plus my 4 munchkins who will wail and gnash their teeth when they see these and don't have their own.

Super easy and unique Easter treat. If you aren't against more sugar, try filling them with orange jelly beans, or for a different take - fill with goldfish crackers!

Anything orange will do.

How cute would it be to fill with orange bath salts for a Visiting Teacher or neighbor?

Or, if you really love me, you could fill one with orange reese's pieces! I'm just sayin'.

Happy creating!


Tiffany said...

Dude, your energy makes me tired.

Lynn said...

Awesome!... I am so doing this. I was looking for the carrot shaped goodie bags that Michael's usually sells and couldn't find them this year. Icing bags? Who'd a thunk! You are so smart missy! Thanks for sharing!

CASSIE said...

Thanks for sharing :)

Jenn said...

Those are top shelf!!! I have to make those for the cousins. LOL- Love them.

Genevieve said...

Hey SITS sister! Love it! Super cute! will totally try this craft!

Carol said...

This is a great idea! Oh, and I love your photographs, congrats!

Erin said...

How adorable! I found you over on ishare! Thanks for the great idea for Easter time!

raising4boys said...

So cute! and in my opinion better than candy :)