Baby, Baby, Baby!

Was it ever a Saturday full of babies this past weekend!!

I had 2 photoshoots back to back with some adorable babies. Take this little one, for instance.
Is that a mischevious yet innocent look on her face? Yep, that sums her up.  
Seriously, though, she was a happy, happy girl for nearly the entire photoshoot, which is quite an accomplishment for an 8 month old! She had some fun playing with mommy.
These two were so fun to photograph, too. They are such a cute couple, right?

I could just see the love radiating between all three of them. It's really sweet to see, and even better to try to capture on film. They loved laughing and playing around together.

And a photogenic family, too!
Best of all were the sweet giggles from this sweetheart.

But before I photographed that sweetheart, I had the opportunity to photograph THESE angels:

I mean, don't they look like little angels? Twins. A boy and a girl. Brand new. So sweet. They didn't want to cooperate for pictures, too much, though - took turns crying, sleeping, and even teasing each other! Such typical siblings :) They were both gorgeous, though.
Speaking of gorgeous, meet their big sister, K. She is three and seriously has personality coming out of her cute little pig tails!

There you have it! Phew! Exhausting. If you think these little munchkins exhausted me, just wait until you see what we did on Labor Day!


Stephanie said...

Hi Bobbi Jo,
Your photographs are gorgeous! What beautiful work!
I love your blog, just adorable!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Ahhh, beautiful pictures! ...and twinlings... I miss having babies!

Mary said...

Wow! Each of these photos are gorgeous. I love looking at your photos.

The babies and the little toddler are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with all of us.


Joanne said...

as always my hat is off to you- you RAWK the photos! and those twins ahhh... I want one ...well maybe not!!!