Cinco de Bayboo!

Bayboo! Five years old and I can't believe how the time has whizzed past! Five years? Wow. Starting kindergarten, learning to read, literally climbing and dancing your way through each day - you are like sunshine to everyone you meet. We love your infectious smile, and especially your adorable giggles. You have been happy since day one (and maybe even before that) and always bring a ray of warm light into our lives. Happy 5th birthday, and here is a little about you at 5!

A- Age: Five
B- Book(s) you enjoy: Diego and the Dinosaurs
C- Chore(s) you do at home: Clean my room, make my bed, organize the shoe cupboard, set the table, bring up the garbage, clean the TV room, dust (we pretty much work our kids to death!)
D- Dessert you love: Chocolate Cake
E- Essential start of your day: play on the piano then ask "Guess who played that?", play on the MIDDLE swing in the back yard, giggling.
F- Favorite type of music:Lollipop - By Mika
G- Greatest vacation: Visiting Grandma in BC
H- Have to have: Toys!
I- Instrument(s) you play: No, but I want to play the guitar!
J- Job title at your home: Munchkin or Mischief Maker
K- Kids in your family: 4
L- Last movie you watched: UP!

M- Month you love the most: August 'cause it's my birthday!
N- Nickname(s): Bayboo!
O- Opportunity that you want: To be in a band!
P- Phobia: Spiders, ghosts, and monsters
Q- Quote from a movie: "The Museum Of NATURAL HISTORY!" (Rex, from We're Back!")
R- Right or Left handed: Left

S- Scripture stories you love: Noah and the Ark
T- Temple you want to be married in: Regina!
U- Unique talent: climbing on monkey bars and singing!
V- Veggie you love: Broccoli!
W- Want to accomplish: Clean up my WHOLE bedroom with no one to help!
X- Extra fun hobby you have: Scrapbook and reading books
Y- Yummy food you like: Fruits and vegetables!
Z- Zoo animal you most resemble: A Monkey

We sure love ya, Bayboo, and hope you have a special day!


Jenn said...

Man she is darling!!! Happy number five!!!

juliette pouwer said...

What??!! how did that happen? Give her an extra hug and kiss from us. We sure miss you guys. Though with all the great pics we don't miss out on what you do ;D

Joanne said...

wow I totally remember when she was born. have a happy happy day and happy anniversary to you folks too! ( in a couple of days).

Andrea said...

such a cute girl and cute photos. I love the info about her. Do you do that for each child each year? I need to do something like that. Fun.

Talia said...

She's gorgeous, Bobbi! She's the same age as my Payton...can you believe they're starting kindergarten??

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl!