Holy Smoke!!

okay, if you don't know this family the title won't make much sense :) But I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely girl and her husband on their wedding day this past Saturday! It was the hottest day of the year so far, not a cloud in the sky, bright sun, and lots of wind (a photographer's dream - ha!) but, I think we managed okay. I mean - really? This girl is so striking she more than makes up for harsh lighting conditions :) Oh, and finding a spot of shade helps, too.

Their colors were lime green and yellow - I just loved it! These two are so in love it wasn't hard at all to convince them to smooch it up!!
Like I said....GORGEOUS!!
Okay, and he's pretty cute, too! ;)
These were the gals - so fun. There were sisters, sisters in law, and best friends all jumbled into a pile of beauty!

... and then there were the guys. LOL!
Yes, the sun was hot and high, but it also made the sky nice and blue.

Did I mention the cute girls? I did? Well, here they are again.... :)
Yep. They were happy, happy, happy! Maybe it was just because this was the last shot of the afternoon! LOL!

This represents the last wedding I'll be photographing for a while. At least until my kiddos are a little older, and I'm no longer Relief Society president. Balance in all things! I'm glad they were willing to let me photograph them (honestly, I still pinch myself that people PAY me to photograph them - wa??) and I'm happy that they were the ones I could 'retire' on - at least for a while :)

Oh, I'm curious. . . Which is your favorite shot of the bunch?


Sarah said...

I gotta tell ya, the one of the guys made me laugh! I totally love the groom's expression :)
The gals look lovely, of course!

M said...

Well, if I have to pick, I LOVE the second one. Stop making it so hard to choose! its like picking your favorite kid!

Kathy T. said...

#6! #6! That's my favourite!!!

What an original way to pose the bridesmaids! Very hip and trendy. I find lots of times bridal - parties can be posed too formal. Great job on all the pics! Love the guys jumping too!

Way to go - and good luck with RS, and everything else!

Stephanie said...

I liked the one where they were kissing and the boquet was in front of them!
but.. I do think they are all pretty fantabulous!

Joanne said...

wowee woww wooowww wow! I loved the groomsmen jumping and I have to say that was a fab shot of them with the temple in the background. Are you giving up all photo shoots or just the out door ones??? as usual they are all gorgeous!

Bobbi-Jo said...

I'm just retiring from shooting weddings. I'll still be doing newborns, families, maternity, kids - that kind of stuff. I may do a wedding here and there in the future, but I'm taking a wedding "breather" :)

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I like the first and second one and then the one of the guys jumping up! they're all great! I'd pay you to photograph my family! You're great! ;)

Lynn said...

What?! No more weddings?? Whaaaaaaa! Jks. But seriously...I am hyperventilating......kidding.....kind of.

But TOTALLY understand. I honestly didn't know how you just kept juggling everything. You are amazing.

Loved the color in these shots. Just perfect! I liked them all, but I sure was laughing hard at the guys expressions in their jumping shot. Too funny.

Lynn said...

P.S. Thanks for what you said about me in your comment today on Heather's blog. You are SO sweet. YOU made MY day. *wink*

AyureQ said...


Clair said...

strolling on the temple grounds has to be my favorite though these are all fabulous. have to mention that groomsmen photo too- okay we have all seen the jumping photos and they are cute, but this one has some extra pizzaz and funk that really makes it stand out.

Wow, you must be having mixed emotions about RS. It is evident that you served with all your heart. Wishing you the best with new adventures and joy as you get a bit more "home" time.

Heather said...

Great pics Bobbi! I love them all but if I had to pick a fav it would be the one with them walking away from you in the temple gardens.

Andrea said...

Love the guys jumping. Fun.
Wish you were around for my wedding photos! They are all so fun.