Sweet Success!

Can't you just taste them?
Oooooh la la. These would be what I call a "Sweet" success. I've never before made cinnamon rolls, but in my ever increasing attempt to keep busy this week, I thought I'd give PW's cinnamon rolls a shot. Oh, heaven! They turned out PERFECT! And I take no credit whatsoever - just followed her instructions and YUMMO. I actually halved the recipe, and instead of her maple coffee glaze, I made a cream cheese glaze to pour over top.

Now, I have not forgotten my quest to get into shape and lose some excess poundage, so I only had one, saved enough for the kids to each have one, then packaged up 3 plates of these babies to hand deliver to a few of our neighbors. The kids and I took a walk down the block and chose 3 houses to deliver them to. They loved it. It was a great object lesson on service (and sacrifice! Ha!). Then we came back home to paint some plant pots for a fun activity. Good times.

And oh, joy - to wake up this morning to this:
What a better excuse for taking a 'day off' and scrapbooking than a yucky snow day? So, that's what I did!

I used the little photo collage I made a while back and made quick work of this little layout. I love it. The Chandelier was cut out on my silhouette machine - so cute, and I stuck some bling on it to jazz it up a bit. I took a page out of Talia's book and tied some tulle on top as a finishing touch.
This page was lifted from one of Maggie Holmes, who lifted it from someone else. I had fun playing with buttons, ribbon, and jewels to make this look. Now I'm working on the second page in the spread, showcasing TJ's birthday party. So fun.


Mandy said...

Those look soooo yummy....you could always make more and mail them here ; )

We had snow this week too. blah. I hope summer comes soon.

Michelle said...

Good thing I'm not your neighbor anymore!!! Hee hee! They look sooooo yummy!

Love the layouts.

Lynn said...

Oh man~! You KNOW I am all about food! Thanks for the link! Looks so easy and great.

angiebellas said...

They are yummy!!! You really have to try the Maple Glaze!! Oh So Divine!!

Ailyn said...

Those look too good not to make. I'll be making them very soon.

Jeremiah said...

Your cinnamone rolls look amazing. Do you want to share the recipe.

Stephanie said...

I'm sure if I lived just a few minutes closer I would have been one of the recipients of those sweet buns!