Bad, Bad Blogger

I officially admit that I'm a bad blogger. It's not something I'm proud of, however admitting it is the first step to recovery. Actually, I don't really plan to recover right now - I'm too busy. Instead, I pose the question

What is the main reason you visit my blog?

If I can get a sense of why you actually return back here (still astounds me) then I'll do my best to keep those things up - and the other things, I'll have to let go. That being said, I am making the announcement (ha ha) that I'll no longer be doing weekly tutorials. I think I'm going to have to just do them whenever I come across a technique I feel worth sharing. It will take a lot of the pressure off.

So, what is the number one reason you visit? What's the number two? LOL! I appreciate your honesty here, because I can't deny that my days seem to be shorter these days, and I can only spend so much time updating my blog (even though I LOVE doing it, so, so much).

I've also been interested in the many blog discussions on whether or not to go private. I've had the thought cross my mind a number of times. I'm still weighing the pros and cons, and I'm sure I'll come to a decision some day - but I'd hate losing the fun of getting to know so many new people from all over the world. It's a highlight in my life!

Anyway - I guess I'm just letting y'all know I'm still here! I've been busy editing photos from a few photoshoots and have a couple more yet this week. I can't wait to give you a taste - but first I have to get the photos edited!

On another note - I did my first funeral luncheon as Relief Society president yesterday - and it was a wonderful experience. It felt amazing to help ease the burden on the family of the deceased, even in such a small way. It was wonderful! My calling has been getting increasingly busy, which I THINK means the women in the ward are starting to warm up to me :) At least I feel like I'm actually doing something now :)

I'd better run and get to work on those photos. Please let me know why YOU come - if you want to remain anonymous go for it! I'll be posting a poll where you can vote anonymously if you choose. Thanks for the help! Take care and I'll be back!


Jenn said...

I come for you ♥... I admire you as a mom, a photographer, a scrap booker, a member of the church (Your testimony), There are so many reasons I come to your blog. The tutorials were just bonus--- but by all means never the only reason I was hanging around. And I hope if you ever do go private that you will give me an invite.

If you go private as I recently did-- you can only invite up to 100 people to view your private blog. And I suspect you'd have to let a few of your friends/fans down. But I don't blame you on toying with the idea.

Glad to hear you are enjoying your calling- that means you are doing it right!

Chanté said...

I wish I could remember how I even came across your blog but originally I just liked your posts and then you did a tutorial and I was hooked. So I love the tutorials (So I will happily await them!) but now I love hearing about all the different creative projects you do. AND since I'm getting into photography I LOVE your photography posts. So those
are, three reasons why you are on my google reader!

Tam said...

I came across your blog via a hair blog. I love your photography and enjoy your tutorials (although I dont photo shop at all, I still enjoy reading about it). I've just got my first DSLR and LOVE it. I am searching for an info on how to make my pictures better.

Natalie said...

I love your blog for many reasons but here are my main two:

The #1 reason is your photography (can you say AMAZING!) and then I got hooked on your tutorials. I appreciate them immensely since they are very easy to follow and have made Photoshop much less intimidating for myself. (I also love your boosts!!)

The #2 reason would be your scrapbooking. Your layouts are wonderful and so creative! It gives me the motivation to scrapbook daily life rather than just vacations.

Thank you for all your tutorials thus far and sharing your talent and creativity with us! I do hope you continue to share with us fans that don't know you personally but understand your dilemma on whether to go private or not.

Thank you again for your inspiration.

Cristan said...

I think I found you via What About Mom, and I keep coming back to see/be inspired by your photography. But mainly it's because of your Photoshop tips.

I've been using Photoshop since 1996 and I didn't know about the nifty borders trick until I read it here!

TIFFANY & CO. said...

For me:

#1 - Photoshop Tutorials
#2 - Photography

Sarah said...

I love your blog! We don't know each other. I think I found you through your comments on the Goodie Box. I LOVE you scrapbooking, your gorgeous photography, your honesty about life, your testimony, your creativity, etc!! :)

Lynn said...


I was sad when you moved. I am NOT so sad to come and read your blog. It's like you didn't even move. I get to stay in touch and keep up with all that is going on with you and your family. That's my number one reason! YOU! : D

Michelle said...

I visit because I love seeing what you are up to, in your family's life, I love your pictures & I love your scrapbooking, papercraft projects. I think you ROCK! & it's OK not to post everyday or every other day for that matter - I sure don't! A blog is not suppose to stress you out in my opinion, I do it because I want to & I want to share my stuff - if anyone wants to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your photography & photoshop tutorials. Your very talented and I appreciate the time and effort you put into your tutorials. You rock!

Laura said...

#1 - Photoshop Tutorials
#2 - Photography

That being said I enjoy every thing you post. I think only sharing when you have something to share is a nice idea. Blogging should not feel so stressful.

Laura said...

Sharing techniques for photo shop is what I am referring to.

Carrie said...

To look at your beautiful pictures, to envy your scrapbooking pages, and to get photoshop hints!!

Dana said...

Photoshop was the reason I came, I stayed because of your blog and the photoshop stuff! Thanks for being you!

Bridget said...

I never post comments but I read your blog as often as you post- I love your bog! I come because of your awesome tutorials, thanks by the way ;o), and your scrapbooking.

Scottish Nanna said...

I read your blog because I enjoy It.
Hugs Mary.

mzpenny said...

girl i come here for everyhting. i love all your stuff. i even ordered photoshop so i could follow some of your tutorials...lol.
i feel blessed to have met you in person and see what a great person you are and love that even though we both have moved to different places we can still keep up with each other!!!


Andrea said...

Seems like there's a lot of blogging midlife crises going on.
I love all your blog. It's fun and refreshing.

gina said...

Hey Bobbi! I've been lurking for a couple of months but I hardly ever comment...maybe only once? I'll try to do better :)

Anyways...I read your blog because I love the photos, tips, and I originally found you through a recipe search I was doing at the time...so I love the recipes you occassionaly post :)

Have a great day!

juliette pouwer said...

uh hello!!! because how else can we keep caught up. You guys abandoned us (sniff). Besides this is probably the cheapest way to keep us updated with you guys.
Actually lately I've been trying some of your crafts, so glad you explain every detail. And it's YOUR blog, you're in charge of how often you can write. LOVE YA! (see you soon!!!!!)

Laura said...

Hey Sweetie,
I totally understand that life is busy! I have been really trying to start blogging everyday, and it isn't easy!
I love, as you know your pics, your scrapbooking, and the tips on elements are always enjoyed, I also like feeling like I am keeping up to date on what is new in your life! So I guess I love it all!
anywho, do what is right for you!
take care
Laura Soby

Jody said...

I read your blog for your amazing photography and photoshop advice. Because of your tutorials and photos my husband and I had the courage to purchase a Nikon D60 SLR camera. So far we are awful at getting the focus and lighting right, I depend on your photoshop tutorials to save most of our photos.

Tejal said...

I found your blog when searching for some photoshop tutorial. And then, I got hooked, to the style of your writing, the simplicity of the photographs that I've come to love so much..
I've really learnt a lot about PS from your tutorials and I hope you keep that on..

Thanks for everything

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbi,
I first came to your blog ages ago. I think you must have stamped something and I probably found a link to you from a stamping blog. I stay because of everything on it.
Although I don't belong to the same church you do, I'm a christian, and very involved in my church, so I relate to that aspect of your blog.
I have a wonderful husband of nearly 25 years, and I love him dearly. I love the way you appreciate your husband and build him up, so I relate to that aspect of your blog.
I'm a mum (in New Zealand - so that's why my spelling is so strange lol), so I relate to the family side of your blog.
I was an English teacher, and I enjoy reading anything that's well written - so I relate to your whole blog because of that.
I love looking at beautiful photographs, and your are nothing short of amazing, so that makes them super easy to relate to!
I have about the cheapest Kodak digital camera it's possible to buy - I dream of owning a better one, and understanding how to use it creatively, so that's why I relate to the tutorials on your blog, even though I don't have any software.
We have an election coming up in New Zealand in November, and I relate to your political musings.
You, as a Canadian, and I, as a Kiwi, are both members of the Commonwealth, so we have that in common.
Wow, Bobbi! We have so much in common - and I just love reading your blog. It gets emailed to me every day that you add to it, and every day I read your whole post from start to finish. And because I know how busy you are, I appreciate the time you take even more.
I've read the previous posts to your question, and I hope that you feel really encouraged to ocntine with your blog - when you have time!! We all enjoy it, and we'd like you to enjoy it as well so if you don't have time to post every day, or do regular tutorials, we understand. We enjoy reading what you have to say, and looking at what you have to show us, when you have the time.

Thank you Bobbi :)

Anne. dinkuminkum at yahoo dot co dot nz

mommyoffour said...

I think you are such an inspiring person (I know I say that all of the time!).

I love how we both have four little girls and our husband's are both on the High Council. I just felt instantly connected to you!

I love your scrapbooking ideas and your tutorials. They always motivate me to try something new. I love the positive motivation I feel from you. I never feel guilty for not being good enough. I always leave here wanting to be a better person, wife, and mother!

Thanks for being you!

Rachel said...

I ♥ your photography and your tutorials are my new best friend! And you have some mad scrapping skills my friend! Thanks for sharing all your know how with us!


Anonymous said...

hi there - i like to visit your blog for the tutorials with photography... i think i found you blog hopping thru lds blogs and loved what i saw so i bookmarked ya and visit often... thanks for blogging - don't stop but i totally understand...
erin mcmilon

Allison said...

I don't remember how I found your blog but I thoroughly enjoy all that you have to say. I love to see all of the projects that you do. Your tutorials are awesome, I love trying new things that you post. I really enjoy reading your testimony and seeing all of the fun things that you do with Relief Society. I hope that you keep blogging and that I can continue to read your thoughts. I know how hard it is to keep up on a daily basis so I think that you should post only when it is convenient to you. Thanks for all of your wonderful words.

Marilee said...

In my opinion, it shouldn't matter why we visit your site - if you can't manage it anymore, let it go. I come to get to know you better and keep an eye on how those beautiful girls and one of my favorite nephews. I have found you to be a beautiful, talented and hard working woman who loves her family dearly (just like the rest of our family, of course) I would miss your beautiful photography, information on digital scrapbooking and pictures of your family, but I would appreciate it just as much if you only blogged once a month. Don't make the mistake of Molly Mormoning yourself into the grave or a psyk ward...remember, a time and a season, girl...Love ya, Aunt Mare

Terri E. said...

I love all of your pictures! Do you ever come to the Chicago area? I would love to have you come and take some family pictures!

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Ailyn said...

BOBBI in case you didn't realize you are a very interesting person. I LOVE reading your blog. You give me alot of great ideas like dress up movie nights, the ASK scrapbooking pages that I am oh so excited to do this weekend and I love seeing the pictures you take. AND I love to her you point of view on different topics (your mothers day blog is still on of my fav's). Anyways I know your busy but you have to keep up you blog.

amy w. said...

I love everything you do. Your blog is very well rounded. I can't say that I come exclusivly for the photography, or scrapbooking or homemaking ideas, because I come for ALL of that. I think you have a lot to offer people, and we appriciate the time it takes to do what you do!

Bonnie B. said...

Although I don't comment everytime, I check your blog often. You're just awesome! You're a great roll model of a Mom, so talented, and a great teacher.
Thanks for letting us take a glimpse into your life.

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

I come for your daughter, Chuck. ;) lol. Sorry. Small Beatlejuice reference.

Actually, I come for the photoshop tips and tutorials, but enjoy looking at your pictures and pages too. Which reminds me...

Picture pages, picture pages, time to get your picture pages....

lol. sorry. it's early. :)

Josie said...

Bobbi-I came across your blog from a friend she told me about your tutorials. But I kept coming back to just view your wonderful photo's. YOU are such an inspiration to me. I enjoy hearing about your everyday life even though I don't personally know you. You are so kind in helping everyone out. Blogging does get stressful I agree with you but if I don't get to it I don't get to it. Thanks for everything.