Cute Family and New location!

A gal pal from my ward asked me to do their family photos for them, which, for me, is super fun and super scary! Fun because I already know them and am at ease around them, and scary because if they don't like the results, I'm gonna see them all the time, shooting daggers at me with their eyes. LOL! This family is such an awesome group - they seriously had me laughing all the time and their kids look just like little baby gap models. Such sweethearts. I'm triple lukcy because they also introduced me to this fun park where we found tonnes of great places to take some photos. SCORE! Now I have another locale to add to my list for future reference.

I played around with the post-processing a bit with these, having some fun :) This one I did a vintage finish, more muted tones. I kinda like the result. BTW, on my photoshoots, I always include several finishes of the same pose so the client can choose which they like best.
Okay, this little guy I want to eat up. M was such a doll, and I adore him for sticking it out for a good hour before giving up and falling asleep. LOL!

If you want to know what pure joy looks like, look no further: ...And that was simply from seeing his mom walk by.

This family is full of die hard Roughrider fans, so their idea of photographing them in their jerseys was way cute. Another vintage one:

This little guy 'B' looks just like his daddy. He was so friendly and we got to be friends pretty quick. I could just eat him for lunch, with those adorable dimples.
And this gorgeous gal was such a sweetheart. After the photoshoot, she gave me a big hug and said "Thank you for taking our pictures!" Such a doll. I wanted to take her home, but that wasn't part of the deal :( It's okay, I"ll see them at church on Sunday ;)
And seriously, isn't she beautiful? Okay, he's handsome too, but she just blows me away.
This is one of my favorites of them together. I think she was checking out his teeth because he had something stuck in them. LOL! Love those candid moments. Again, a vintage finish on this. The sad, sad thing is they are moving out of our ward soon :( The good thing is, it's into a better neighborhood, better house, better all around. And since we live in a smaller city, we'll see each other lots! I may even see her at the Midnight release party for Breaking Dawn tomorrow night. We'll see if I make it to midnight :) Ciao for now!


Jenn said...

Geeeeeese- You aren't kidding GAP models!!! What cute kids-- what a very cute family--- What a talented photographer! Don't worry you'll still have a friend at the end of the day-- do dagger stairs of hatred.

Lynn said...

LOVE IT! Bobbi you are SO good with a camera and computer. Awesome. Very beautiful family.

Debbi said...

seriuosly, you are SUPER talented-- every single photo is superb. What a great family.

Clair said...

These are WOW! I especially LOVE the one of the littlest guy next to the legs of his family and the "pure joy" shot!

B said...

That little guy is SO ADORABLE, and you're right. Mommy is pretty gorgeous.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ CUTE CUTE CUTE family! Love all the pictures! :)

Staccey said...

Bobbi - you are incredibly talented! Makes my blog look terrible. Oh well- Ok seriously -this is me talking- you have no reason to worry about whether someone will 'like' your pictures. You have truly become a professional. If anyone ever says they don't like them -they don't know what they are talking about and are likely the kind of person who hates everything anyways. (Just say no to those people) Congrats girl!

Tejal said...

I totally totally love the crispness of the photos (is that a word to use with photos? maybe with pizzas not photos..anyways)
Love the vintage look of the photos and yes you're right..the dimpled kid is almost eatable!

Kim said...

Wow! You did an amazing job!! You don't ever need to worry...your photography is amazing :)

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Wow! What I wouldn't give...what any parent wouldn't give...to have photos like these to remember a fleeting time in their lives. Just *beautiful*. The shot of the little guy in his parents hands is so adorable. I *love* your style.

Ailyn said...

Bobbi you are so funny of course I love you pictures. who wouldn't. I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't have complete faith in your natural talent.