Ratatouille, Gratitude, and Surprises!

We had our first movie night! YAY! Actually, it was more of a movie afternoon - our kiddos are sick with a bad cold, so we decided to have a movie lunch instead :) I hadn't seen the Disney film "Ratatouille" and since the kids got it for Easter, I thought it would be a great one to start our tradtion with. I gave the girls some dollarstore aprons and oven mitts, some wooden spoons, and the best part - the toy rats duct taped to some head bands - their own little chefs to teach them how to cook! LOL! They wore those things all day. I didn't come up with any fancy refreshments because they ate their lunch as they watched.
Even my one year old - who was feeling the sickest :( It's one of those things that no medicine can really help... so frustrating!

I managed to do a bit of scrapbooking, too - and I'm still not finished! I'm so close to getting caught up, too. I just have to stop TAKING so many photos! LOL! These first 2 pages are
representative of things I am thankful for - it was nice to sit for a few minutes and contemplate the things I am more thankful for in my life. Too bad there wasn't the space for my thoughts about the gospel, which is a HUGE part of what I'm grateful for. But I did have room to write about my family (my girls mostly), my friends, and my husband. I have grown to love and appreciate them so much more since being out here. While things are settling down and becoming routine, it still isn't *quite* home yet, and having my husband and girls with me has been a saving grace to me. There are days where it gets very lonely - even though I've made some amazing new friends and have my good friends the "Howies" here. It's a curve I'll have to get over one step at a time :)
Oooh, these pages were made using the kit I just received!!! Oh joy and rapture! I love it! I used the Valentines Day pages to showcase the photos my daughter took of my husband and I. I just love how they turned out.

I was so excited to see a package in my mailbox from a fellow blogger named "Shelley" who made these AWESOME pouches for me AND all my girls - complete with our names stitched on them. HOW COOL! My girls were absolutely GIDDY with these! Thanks Shelley! You ROCK!!


B said...

If you aren't the most fun mom ever I don't know who is. What a fun idea to have so much stuff related to the movie for the girls.

Loved your thankful pages, what a great thing to do.

And, bravo to those pouches that Shelley made for you and the girls. They look adorable. I love getting things in the mail!

Lynn said...

That is SO cool! What did you use the pouches for?

Alexandra said...

Sounds like great movie time - we love that movie too!! Awesome pages, Bobbi! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Shelley said...

I am glad you got the goods. Sorry it took so long. I was wondering why your girls had stuffed animals on their heads... HELLO! So funny. I showed it to my students at the end of our cooking unit so I watched it 5 times in 2 days. You would think I would have figured it out without you telling me! ha!!

Jenn said...

So cute. I love movie dates- What a nice thing to do for your sick little family. I hope everyone is feeling better!

Love that little pouch! What a great friend to make those for you.

Cute page layouts. You and your husband are so darn cute together. I love your silly face pulling.

Talia said...

Okay, such a cute idea to put the toy mice on the headbands! Soooooo cute. What a fun mommy. And you better work it with all those pages you're kicking out! Awesome!!!

Michie said...

Your movie night looks like fun. I hope to try to make it a tradition here soon too. :)

Erica said...

That last one is a BEAUTIFUL picture of you and Lyndon-you look so good together!! (You better after all these years right?)