It Works For Me Award!

Okay, I spent a *little* more time designing this award, and I may yet change it up in the future, but I was so excited to get it awarded! I decided on the "It Works For Me" award because I love finding new and innovative ideas that REALLY WORK! I want to acknowledge blogs that have taught me something that I find really useful and pass along as many people as I can to them - thus the award!

So, for my first "It Works For Me" awards I will be awarding 2 of my latest favs. Here are the award winners!

1. This one is so funny because I was designing my award and I hopped over to this blog to copy the website address so I could paste it here, and lo and behold - I saw the SHE had given ME a blog award. LOL! Her award is FLIPPIN' AWESOME 'cause it's a Napolean Dynamite one. YES! So fun.

My first award winner is Jenn from "It's a Love thing". What works for me? Besides her humor and talent in many areas, it's specifically her Hair Tutorials! AWESOME! On Friday's she shares step-by-step tutorials on fun hair-dos for kids. LOVE them. I've tried all of them on my girls and "it works for me!" The one "do" I kept in for 3 days, and it stayed looking fabulous (lazy mom's way out). Not only that, I received dozens of compliments on it, and had ladies asking me how I did it. I send them over to Jenn! I hope you'll make the visit too.

2. My second award winner is Amy over at "Heavenly Happenings" and her fun lunch tips. Check out her love lunch. So creative! I hope she keeps posting more great lunch tips because I am seriously lacking in that area. In fact, my husband packs their lunches 99% of the time. I should probably help in that area more, and Amy's tips will be a big help! Also check out her ideas for her kids' 100 day celebration. Inspired!

Congrats, Ladies!


Amy said...

Wow! Thanks Bobbi Jo! You are awesome. I've been trying to let you know that I would love you to link to my blog (lunches) but my computer/internet connection is messed up! I hope this comment even works. Anyway thanks a million!

Alexandra said...

Cool awards - both of them! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jenn said...

You are to funny! Thank you! But pretty much all my talents these days are inspired by you, so in a BIG way.... you are giving this award to yourself. Thank you Bobbi!

Lynn said...

What a cool idea! Everyone loves encouragement and praise for the work and fun ideas they do. Way to go Bobbi! I am looking forward to your links to these fabulous tips on different blogs. Way cool! I am having so much fun learning from all these talented people.

Talia said...

Fun, Bobbi!
I'm off to check those websites out!