What I've been working on...

I've been busy doing something I've wanted to do for a while, and something that I am SO excited about. I've taken it upon myself to start designing some Digital Templates. I've discovered how much I enjoy using them (how easy they make my digital scrapbooking) and I thought, "hey! I can do that!". So, here are a couple of sample layouts that I made using my own templates:Blue Patterned Paper : Anne Lanagpap, Ribbons and star paper: Gina Cabrerra, Striped paper: Kim Crothers, Alpha "Bright": Lisa Whitney, Yellow Flower: Sande Krieger - all from BHG Scrapbooksetc. Font: Century Gothic Purple and Blue papers from Shabby Princess.
All papers, embellishments, and aplha used on the above page are from my own kit. I have been attempting to design my own digital kit, and this is the fruits of my first one. I call it the "true love" kit. So yeah, I've been a little busy :) I'm still not sure how I'll sell my kits or my templates, but at least I've been busy working on them. In january, I'll be giving away a free template for you to try, so stay tuned :) And if you have any ideas on how best to sell these things, I'd love some advice! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Bobbi - awesome job - I love them! You just amaze me in everything that you do!


Anonymous said...

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