Close Enough!

I wanted to scrapbook this photo of all of the grandchildren on my husband's side. It was a feat of perseverance and in the end, this was the shot we got. We fought, and bribed, and danced, and everything in between until finally we got "close enough". It's not a perfect photo, but they are all there, they are all happy, and they are all beautiful! Sometimes "close enough" is just fine and at the very least, I was able to capture their personalities. Who likes to look at boring old posed photos anyway :)

I did this layout exclusively using a digital kit from DigiChicks called "Tristans' Treasures". I love the vibrant colors and the fun embellishments! I felt like the chaotic feel of the page lent itself to the equally chaotic feeling of that day!


juliette pouwer said...

AMEN!! I have so learned that close enough is good enough.

Michelle said...

Great layout & great pic!

Erin said...

Awwwww.....hey, if you got 'em all in there then it's better than close enough. I bet grandma and grandpa love it.