Father's Day Printable (Early)

Happy Tuesday!

I know it's not Friday, yet, but I wanted to post this week's printable early so you can have time to download it and get it in a frame before father's day. I think this quote is perfect for your husband, father, or grandfather. It is such a true sentiment and I created the printable in a more masculine palette of colors. I hope we all take the time to shower love on the men who make a positive difference in our lives!



jeanine said...

THANK YOU! I was just thinking today, "I need a good Father's Day printable." This is perfect!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Thank you, Bobbi-Jo. I've been looking for a printable about fathers & I couldn't download this quick enough!

Warmly, Michelle

Mary said...

What a wonderful printable for Father's Day. Thank you for making it Bobbi-Jo.


Scott and Tara said...

I love this, it's such a wonderful quote. Thanks for the printable.